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Welcome To Our Poultry Farm in Pine Island, NY

Welcome to Zippy’s Poultry and Duck Farm! We are located in the renowned black dirt region of Pine Island. Our free range ducks and chickens are grown with the tender love and care that they deserve. We have many varieties of chickens, ducks and geese. We offer anything from ducklings to full grown birds. We proudly service all of Hudson Valley NY and Sussex County NJ.
At Zippy’s Poultry, we provide our community with quality, free-ranging and naturally sourced animal’s along with other products they abundantly supply us. Many of our consumers are very eager to start the process of raising their own birds and ask us for advice to get them where they want to be and thrive in doing so. What a reward it is when we get the chance to share in the experience of learning the hatching process and raising these animals to give back to our community. We feel incredibly grateful and blessed that we have been able to share this amazing experience with others to enjoy.

Our Poultry Services In Orange County NY

Duck & Goose Eggs

Organic eggs from our free range ducks and geese. Freshness guaranteed!

Hatchling Orders & Requests

Orders may take up to two weeks to process and are offered locally.

Wide variety of Breeds

From Magpies to Cayuga, we have so much to offer!

Poultry Processing

We specialize in processing chickens, turkeys, and waterfowls!

Meet Zippy! Our Poultry Expert

My name is Giuseppe Pirrone. About 10 years ago I started to invest my efforts in raising poultry in a few years time. When we moved onto the property, we noticed the two beautiful ponds in the foregrounds of the barn which had been bare and unoccupied. It was then we decided to add a few ducks to bring some much needed life to the lands.  This aspiration to bring the enjoyment of these animals to our family led to many additional varieties of waterfowl and brought us to where we are today.

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Geese, Ducks and Honey!