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 Each and every one of our animals are carefully selected based on our consumers’ needs. We work with you to choose the best option of bird breed to fit your needs until they have been found. We hope you will come along with us as we aspire to grow, learn and gain more hands-on experience here at Zippy’s Poultry.

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No, but it is preferred. As an alternative to raising ducks and geese, using a running water source to fill buckets/bowls with fresh water consistently every day to allow them access will provide them with the proper amount of water they need. Small, hand-made pools are always a great addition to allow them to swim outside in the warm weather.

While we are still looking for the best new ways of keeping our ducks, geese and chickens safe, our old methods are still in use today. We find that in the summer, setting havahart traps and releasing the animals a far enough distance away has helped keep the predator population down quite a bit. Some of the animals we’ve caught have been racoons, possums, squirrels, snapping turtles and minks. We also like to keep an electric fence up surrounding the area we give the birds to graze in throughout the day. In the winter, we try to keep the lights on outside the coop as soon as it starts to get dark and inspect the coop for any weak spots in the metal wall fencing. Cameras are always a nice additional security feature if you want to figure out what’s the best defense against a specific animal you come across.

No, while it is important you take the time to check up on these animals at least once in the morning and at night they are pretty self sufficient with access to food and water. In the summer with enough free range to fresh grass constant food access is not necessary if you acclimate them slowly to foraging on their own. You want to make sure they are able to find shelter from aerial predators but they will surprise you with how smart they are at hiding and using the resources around them to supply their needs.

Hens will start laying eggs around the 16th week of their life.

Depending on the breed size, ducks start to mature and lay eggs at 4-7 months old. This ranges because of the size of the bird, from smaller call ducks to larger Pekin ducks.

Depending on the type of weather, here in upstate NY if it is a mild winter with decently warmish temperatures along with a fully insulated coop to give them a warm place to lay, the breeds will continue to lay their eggs throughout the season. In some cases the geese have even started up laying again after a long break in late November and continued through the mild winter with the support of a secured shelter. It is important that you collect the eggs on a daily basis to help prevent them from freezing overnight.

These animals eat a variety of things including some kitchen scraps and grasses. The main portion of their diet comes from a proper ratio of nutritional rich grains and corn pellets. They love the summer when we bring back fresh local greens that were left over from the farmers market in Pine Island. Depending on the time in the season, they get anything from spinach and kale to carrots and radishes and everything in between.

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