Meet Our Poultry Expert, Zippy!

My name is Giuseppe Pirrone. About 10 years ago after meeting my wife, I started to invest my efforts in raising poultry in a few years time. When we moved onto the property, we noticed the two beautiful ponds in the foregrounds of the barn which had been bare and unoccupied. It was then we decided to add a few ducks to bring some much needed life to the lands.  This aspiration to bring the enjoyment of these animals to our family led to many additional varieties of waterfowl and brought us to where we are today. 

 Giuseppe has always been a helping hand to those in need and it doesn’t stop at the farm. Whenever there is a situation where people reach out for advice or help with taking care of their animals, we offer our experience or a hand if that’s what’s needed. Don’t hesitate to contact us and reach out.

Fun Facts About Zippy

While he is not working or taking care of the animals on the farm, Giuseppe is a beekeeper of Italian honey bees. He manages and cares for a handful of bee hives and has an apiary of 6 colonies. Giuseppe is always growing something around the yard and loves to garden. Whether it’s a patch of sunflowers or a field of corn, every summer Giuseppe takes care of his fruit trees growing in the orchard, which surrounds the honey bees.